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1.Dual Mode: forehead or ear (recommended for children over 1 year old).
2.Easy&Clear Reading:With a Large LCD Backlit screen, comfortably read in the dark,especially for old peoples.
3.Quick & Accurately Result Reading:accurate reading in 1 second.
4.Easy Cooperation: Bring ease of use to every household or professional setting.
5.Automation digital thermometer:Auto shut off in 30 seconds.
6.Temperature Unit:Display reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius,it can be Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
7.Power(Battery):Two AAA batteries are required(not included),cause logistics company does not accept battery transportation.
8.Dual Mode forehead and ear thermometer: portable for outdoor and indoor using,The perfect gift for your family,your friends..etc. 

Learn about the variations between Oral (0.5 to 1.0°F), Forehead (0.3 to 0.5°F) and Ear and Rectal measurements. This thermometer is designed mainly for HOME USE ONLY and is not intended to take the place of the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professioanl, Immediately contact your health-care professional and the seller if you suspect you have a clinical issue.

The product does not include battery because transportation logistics company does not accept battery transportation.

2 Ways to Measure:
Forehead temperature measurement:
Make sure the probe cover in place when using forehead function
Hold the thermometer and point to the forehead making it slightly touch the skin
Long press the button and scan the forehead, then release the button
You can get the reading on the display after hearing a beep
Perform in a row and get the average of readings as the last result

Ear temperature measurement:
Take off the probe cover
Insert the probe into the ear canal
Ensure the probe point directly toward the eardrum
Press Start button and you will get the result after the beep
Clean the probe with dry towel if necessary

Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
It’s easy to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.When the thermometer is turned off, press the "MEM"
button for 6 seconds then release. Either C or F will appear in the lower right corner of the display. Quickly
press the MEM button again and it will switch to the other.

More Use
Take off the Forehead cap, you can also use it as an ear thermometer and in-room thermometer and water thermometer. Without the cap, when you press the Start button, the LCD will show the environment temperature defaulted. And then you can press Start button to measure. Without use in 10 seconds, the thermometer will turn off automatically to save power.!!

• Memory Value: 32 Groups(Recyclable)
• Range of measurement:
a) Forehead mode:32.0℃– 42.2℃.
b) Ear mode:0.0℃– 100.0℃
• Measurement error:
a) Forehead mode:. ± 0.3℃
b) Ear mode:± 0.2℃.
• Power Supply: 2 × AAA Battery (Not included)
• Response Time: 0.5 Seconds
• Weight: 72g
• Dimension: 152 x 90 x 45mm
• Auto-shutdown time:8s.

Package Contents:
- 1*Non-Contact instant read Thermometer
- 1*Specific manual
- 1*Protective color box
- 0*Battery:this product is not included 3a batteries,Due to the customer policy is strictly limited.

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