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1.Safe means of measuring human body temperature through the ear
2.Great for babies and all family members
3.Fast one second reading time
4.Large easy-to-read digital display
5.Instant and continuous for use
6.Automatic shut off in one minute non operated
7.Beeper function
8.Comes with a carrying bag

How to Use:
1.Press the 'on/recall' button to turn on the thermometer, a beep sound is heard and the LCD display in one second 
2.Straighten the ear canal by pulling the outer ear up and back to give a clear view of the eardrum. 
1).For children under 1 year. Pull the ear straight back. 
2).For children ages 1 year to adult. Pull the ear up and back.(cation:suggest use of ear thermometer for children older than 6 months) 
3.While pulling the outer ear, insert the probe snugly into the ear canal(best to insert deep ), press the 'scan' button to measure again. 
Advice:The time between each reading should be not less than 1 mins.

Cleaning and Storage:
1.Store the thermometer in a dry location free from the dust and contamination and away from the direct sunlight . The ambient temperature at the storage location should remain fairly constant and within the range of -20℃to55℃. 
2.Use an alcohol swab or cotton swab moistened with alcohol (70% isopropyl ) to clean the thermometer body ,if it is dirty .Ensure that no liquid enters the interior of the thermometer.

1.Please do not scratch the probe membrane, if not the thermometer shall lose the efficacy. 
2.Please do not use the thermometer if you ear canal has been inflammation. 
3.How to avoid the inaccuracy:please clean the ear canal first when you measuring the ear temperature. 
Therefore, it is NORMAL to get the variations between Oral, Forehead and Ear measurements. This is NOT due to the inaccuracy of the thermometer.

1. Memory: 10 memories
2. Display Range: 34.0°C-44.0°C
3. Operating Temperature: 16°C - 35°C
4. Accuracy: ±0.2°C
5. Mini Scale: 0.1°C
6. Taking Time: One second
7. Battery: Lithium battery (CR2032)
8. Color: White
9. Size: 115 x 35 x 35mm/4.5 x 1.4 x 1.4in
10 Weight: 35g
Auto-shutdown time:60s.

Package Contents:
1 x Ear Infra-Red Thermometer
1 x User Manual
1 x Bag

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